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Steak Competition

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present: steak competition. After watching some reruns of Top Chef, Tim and I decided to take the two steaks we'd gotten for tonight's dinner and prepare them differently. Wonderfully. Secretly.

On to the details! Green bean casserole was our side dish.

Then there was Tim's steak, which he grilled after rubbing it with a sweet combination of spices and brown sugar. Check out those grill lines! We were all over presentation tonight.

Then there was my steak. I made steak and eggs, which I've never had before. Dude - this shit is awesome. Why did no one tell me?! I have spent my whole life not eating steak and eggs. So sad.

It was delicious, but the ultimate winner was my sister Sarah, who got to eat everything and only had to set the table. Tim made some gravy in the pan I cooked my steak in, and man - buttered toast, steak, egg, and GRAVY?! I lack the words to describe my joy. It was like a child's first wondrous glimpse of the marvelous expanse of the ocean, but in my mouth.

In the competition to cook delicious food, everybody wins.


"Did you see that woman getting hit in the face with a watermelon today on Reddit! Dude, look it up! It's hilarious!"

"I don't know... I feel like I've seen a lot of videos of women being hit in the face with stuff..."

So our kitchen is still en route to it's final form, in which it shall be tres au-somme. But we're at a point where we can use it again, and we've been cooking, and HOLY EFFING WOW did I make some awesome potatoes tonight.

I've been keeping a googledoc of recipes that we've made, their success or failure, links to the source, time to make, etc. You know, your basic "I'd make this an actual database, but, hey, Google Documents are already there." I'm sure when we get up to 50 entries or so, I'll decide to make up something more complicated. But in the meantime, here is my review of Gratin Dauphinois.

How to make: well, check the link. It's potatoes and garlic and gruyere and nutmeg, and the whole thing was really easy to do, because Tim brought down one of our many food processors from the attic the other day, and it had a "slice some motherfucking potatoes" setting.

Source: Gourmet Magazine (which I'm finding has oodles of awesome, actually doable recipes. And by oodles, I mean, like, I've made three so far but I have high hopes for more.)

Description: Whoa. I sort of ate all of this myself, and tim had some and was like "nice," but I was seriously like HOLD THE MUSTARD THESE ARE GOOD. (There's no mustard in this recipe.) (It's an expression.)



Walking from our air conditioned bedroom into the rest of the house is like trying to walk through warm soup.

Quincy House Adventures: Basement Poison!

There are so many things in our house that are like this. As in: "Deadly and from the past."

Jun. 30th, 2010

I don't follow the World Cup that much, and my Spanish is rusty, but this is the coolest interactive graph I've seen in ages. It's so elegant and functional. You can roll over each country that sends players to the World Cup and see what teams they play for. You can also check out where all the players come from for a team. And you can check out the differences between now and the World Cup 2006 - more players were loyal to their own country then.

When I accidentally rolled over the map legend, and it highlighted all the information for the South American region, it was so beautiful and exciting, I nearly wept.

I played with it and confirmed some of my presumptions (i.e., North Korea's team only has players from North Korea), and blew up some others (i.e., North Korean players do not only play for North Korea; a small number also play for China and Russia).

Andrew Sullivan.

Quincy House Adventures: Welcome!

I found a number of happy dancing Victorian people on the lowest level of wallpaper I scraped off our entry area last week.

They didn't just embrace a strict moral code and the science of phrenology; they also totally embraced change. Specifically: the Victorians were always totes in approval of much needed changes in interior design.

People coming to our house used to be greeted with this:

I know. There's nothing more welcoming than water damage and thirty year old wallpaper.

Call me crazy, but I decided to work on it anyway.Collapse )

Just heard on TV

"Which one will be crowned champion? Which one will be bodacious enough to bring the Roman gods down from Mount Olympus?"

Kudos to Tim for catching that. I was reading Consumerist.

Totally Random, Part II

I caught part of Married With Children on TV the other day. It was late season. Not their best. But I laughed harder than I have at almost any tv I've seen recently.

And it was filmed in front of a live audience. A loud, awesome live audience. I can't remember the last time I heard that. All the talent shows have live audiences... but they supersculpt them to be uninterruptive. In MWC, when the characters first came on screen the audience went wild for like ten seconds. The actors had to pad out their moments to deal with the laughter. It was amazing. It was real. I loved it.


Reporting Only, No Picture, But...

... you CAN make rice in a rice cooker using Alphabet Soup as your liquid. It comes out like pilaf, but instead of bits of pasta, you have B, and X, and J. 



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